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The Vining family have been involved with motocross since 1995, when Matthew at age 13 decided he wanted to race his motorbike, a CR80. That meant that Russell, his father, was spending many Sundays away at club meetings around the Waikato countryside while Matthew was racing. So he decided that he might as well get in on the action as well, buying a KX125 for himself to race in the Clubmans/Novice class. Why be a mechanic for your son when you can race and mechanic for your son and yourself?
When Matthew got a new bike later on that year, his old bike was passed down to Micheal, the youngest at 9 years old. The final Vining boy started racing, too. And so starts the motocrossing tradition of the Vining family. It wasnít long until the boys started to get better at racing, and started to race not only in Motocross, but also Supercross, Hare Scrambles and Enduros.
Team VR (Team Vining Racing) was created in September 1999. Event co-ordination is handled by Liz, Russellís wife and Matthew and Michealís mum. Race photography and graphic design promotional material is handled by Sarah, the eldest child in the family. Itís a real family affair. All because of a father and two sons who purely love the sport of dirtbike racing. So much in fact, that they traipse all over New Zealand to compete!

Team VR travel regularly around the North Island to compete in motocross. Their regular home clubs include Huntly Motorcycle Club, Cambridge Motorcycle Club, Patetonga Motorcycle Club and the Pukekohe Motorcycle Club. Micheal also likes to go to meetings hosted by the Taupo Motorcycle Club. Russell is the club president of the Huntly Motorcycle Club which is 20 minutes drive from the Vining home.

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